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  • Sausages


    The traditional sausages are made from mixed meat and are distinguished for their fine taste, containing natural spices. In addition, the company also owns the famous "Tzoumagias" sausages which contain 100% Greek pork meat.

  • Gyros


    Gyros is set up on special paper rods and is mainly made by meat from shoulder - or from thigh according to the customer's choice. It has ingredients that make it unique by combining herbs and various spices.

  • Pan-Fry


    The pan-fry is made from pieces of shoulder and mixed with various ingredients to make it softer and tastier.

  • Shank


    Shank is the piece of meat (pork) that is located from the knee and below, depending on the animal, and is suitable for baking either in the spit or in the oven.

  • Kontosoyvli


    The pork kontosoyvli is made from the pieces of shoulder and streak. It contains a mixture of fresh onion and tomato along with various flavors enhancing the taste to the consumer.

  • Burger


    The burgers are made from pork and beef, having as their main ingredient the fresh onion combined with selected herbs giving a unique and unforgettable taste.

  • Chop


    The chop is located around a bone of the ribs and is offered either bone or boneless. Mixing it with specific materials makes it particularly soft and tasty.

  • Soytzoykaki


    The Soytzoykaki is created in a combination of pork and beef, while pure and traditional ingredients are added, giving a special taste.

  • Schnitzel


    Schnitzel is made from steak or thistle which is selected by the customer himself according to his needs and can be served with an excellent quality of golden toast.

  • Pork Steak

    Pork Steak

    The piece of steak can be taken either from the neck or from the back of the pork. It is also available with bone as well as with a thinner cut, depending on the needs of the consumer.

  • Souvlaki


    Souvlaki is particularly popular, it remains unchanged over the years and is one of the basic foods in Greek gastronomy.


Excellent fresh products from pork, beef, lamb and chicken.


    •  Pork Heads
    • Pork Cheeks
    • Pork Fillet
    • Greek Sows
    • Pork Neck
    • Pork Livers
    • Greek Pork Half Carcass
    • Pork Shoulders
    • Pork Thigh
    • Pork Mince


    • Beef Ribs EYP. EN
    • Beef Fillet
    • Beef Livers
    • Greek Young Calf
    • Beef Steak
    • Beef Thigh EYP. EN
    • Beef Cheeks
    • Beef Mince


    • Greek Lamb Meat ( Young in age)
    • Lamb’s Intestines
    • Seftalies by Lamb’s Meat
    • Lamb Sweetbread
    • Lamb’s Livers
    • Lamb’s Hands
    • Greek Sheep
    • Greek Goat Meat (Young in age)
    • Kokoretsi


    • Chicken Thigh
    • Chicken Fillet