Meat Processing and Standardization

Quality and Reliability

Χοιρινό Κρέας

The raw material is the key!

The excellent quality of our meat (pork, beef, sheep, goats) is due to careful selection by reliable and experienced suppliers. Our fully equipped and standardized laboratory processes the raw material under the constant supervision of our well-trained staff by rigorously checking both the raw material and accompanying documents that certify the legality of the process. In addition, a sample is taken for laboratory testing through which all chemical and microbial parameters are examined.


Traceability systems allow the raw material (animal) to be monitored at all stages of production, processing, examination, movement and exposure.

Giatras Meat Processing and Standardization


With the help of the appropriate equipment available to the company, the boning of the meat is done using the modern cutting tools used for cutting the products. Strict hygiene rules are defined by the relevant legislation to ensure the safety of both products and workers.

Meat Processing and Standardization

For ultimate consumer satisfaction

The meat processing and standardization unit deals with the processing (processing) of the meat from the slaughter of the animal to the receipt by the final consumer. In essence, we create the final form that will satisfy the needs of our customers tailored to their needs. Each product’s packaging identifies the product’s identity with the date of manufacture and expiration of the product. In addition, the necessary information is provided to help the consumer in the maintenance and how to use the product.