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Cow - Giatras Meat Processing and Standardization
  • Chicken Leg Fillet

    Chicken Leg Fillet

    The leg includes skin, while the meat is juicier and fattier than the breast.

  • Pan-fry Chicken

    Pan-fry Chicken

    The ideal meat for its preparation is the thigh fillet as it makes it juicier.

  • Chicken Breast Fillet

    Chicken Breast Fillet

    Juicy chicken breast suitable for all cooking methods.

  • Chicken souvlaki

    Chicken souvlaki

    It is prepared from breast or thigh fillet, depending on the consumer's preferences.

  • Lamb chops

    Lamb chops

    They come from the animal's ribs. They consist of a thin, long bone, with meat along them, ending in a circular-shaped bone.

  • “Tzoumagias” sausages

    “Tzoumagias” sausages

    The famous "Tzoumagias" Sausages is a variety of sausage made from pork and sheep intestine, while various spices and herbs are added

  • Marinated Lamb Souvlaki

    Marinated Lamb Souvlaki

    The marinated lamb souvlaki contains fresh spices and herbs. It is a special choice.

  • Marinated Pork Fry

    Marinated Pork Fry

    Fried pork from selected pieces of meat, marinated with aromatic plants and herbs in ideal proportions.

  • Pan-fry


    The pan is prepared from selected pieces of meat and mixed with various ingredients, making the meat particularly soft and tasty.

  • Pork chop

    Pork chop

    The piece of steak can be taken from either the neck or the back of the pork. It is offered with the bone but also boneless, with the possibility of thin cutting according to the wishes of the consumer.

  • Pork Fillet

    Pork Fillet

    Pork fillet is a lean piece of meat, particularly tender and soft.

  • Traditional Sausages

    Traditional Sausages

    The traditional sausages are made from mixed meat and are distinguished for their fine taste, containing natural spices.

  • Gyros


    Gyros is set up on special paper rods and is mainly made by meat from shoulder - or from thigh according to the customer's choice. It has ingredients that make it unique by combining herbs and various spices.

  • Shank


    Shank is the piece of meat (pork) that is located from the knee and below, depending on the animal, and is suitable for baking either in the spit or in the oven.

  • Souvlaki


    The souvlaki is prepared from leg and steak, making it particularly juicy and soft, which is why it remains unchanged in consumer preferences and is the basic delicacy of Greek gastronomy.

  • Chop


    The chop is located around a bone of the ribs and is offered either bone or boneless. Mixing it with specific materials makes it particularly soft and tasty.

  • Soytzoykaki


    The Soytzoykaki is created in a combination of pork, beef and sheep meat while pure and traditional ingredients are added.

  • Burger


    Souvlaki is particularly popular, it remains unchanged over the years and is one of the basic foods in Greek gastronomy.

  • Beef Steak

    Beef Steak

    The beef steak is available in flank steak and shoulder steak.

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