About Us

Your satisfaction is our priority!


The history of our business begins in 1990 with Mr. Giatra Vasileio, who dealt with the meat trade for the first time. In 2005, it was able to expand in the meat processing sector by creating a meat standardization and processing laboratory. After 12 years of experience in the field managed to create a range of different products which are dear to the whole world.

Our company supplies the market with meat (pork, beef, sheep and goats) transported by privately owned cars in many regions of Greece. Naturally very important for us is our equipment, which consists of state-of-the-art machinery that is used by our highly trained staff.

The combination of taste and quality is what characterizes the business, always maintaining the excellent relationship with our customers, satisfying all their requirements.

Our values


Excellent Service

Γιάτρας Χονδρικό Εμπόριο Κρεάτων


Delivery Time


Respect for human and his needs, which we promise to satisfy by providing safe and quality products to satisfy his appetite and taste requirements.


Our vision is to be the best choice in the field of meat standardization by creating bonds and commitment to our customers.

Our goals

Commitment to the customer

Meeting the needs of our customers is our primary focus by focusing on making relationships and working with them.


We are responsible towards ourselves and our customers. Our promise is a guarantee.

Positive Influence and Continuous Improvement

Our goal is to exert a positive influence on our environment, to create value with the people we collaborate and to improve both as a people and as a business.